Referral Bounty program

The Stylocoin Bounty will be base on a simple customize link that everyone who registers to Stylocoin will receive in her personal account.This link can be share on most forms of social media or other websites to invite new people to register for Stylocoin. Enter your e-mail and waves wallet address below to get your personalize URL,Then share it with all your friends and partners via social networks or just by sending a receive 15 Stylocoin when your friends and partners signup you receive more 10 Stylocoin it means you receive total 25 Stylocoin.

To earn and receive Stylocoin tokens, first you must have created your own waves wallet. It is important that only you have access to your account as we will send bounty directly to your waves wallet. After you have created your own waves wallet account, just spread the word and information about the Stylocoin in crypto communities as wide as possible by following the easy steps in this post.

One Stylocoin price is 0.35$ during the ICO. Referred customers will receive additional 5% bonus for the purchase made. The website uses cookies to save the referral information. Referral users just send waves wallet address only waves wallet compatible .

Referral Bounty Link

Required condition:

Subscribe to any Stylocoin account in our social media and follow the news.

3.5% (700,000) of the total amount of sold Stylocoin will be available for the Bounty campaigns pool.The tokens will be distributed as follows:

Sign up —140,000 Stylocoin

Twitter Referral — 140,000 Stylocoin

Face book Referral — 140,000 Stylocoin

Telegram Referral — 140,000 Stylocoin

YouTube Subscriber — 140,000 Stylocoin

Bonuses earned during the campaign will be credited to the

Participant accounts within 2 week after the Sign up.



Referral bounty successfully closed